Lose – Trading Exercise #5


In this trading exercise, for just one or two trading session try and LOSE as many ticks as possible based on short term order flow and price swings (and not just crossing the inside market spread). You might surprise yourself and find that your win to loss ratio plateaus at some point. This will also give you a better understanding of the probabilities of trading; instead of constantly worrying about how many losers you are taking, you will be in the opposite case and realise that you cannot help but take winners. This can assist in dealing with fear of losing issues when trading.

Another outcome of this exercise is that if you find a way to consistently lose money then you now have a tangible trading behavior you can eliminate to improve your profitability. You may even be able to do the opposite to make money.

This exercise can really change the way you think about trading!

For now, this is the last of the foundation exercises. Next we will move onto the systems exercises which have you trading in a broader market context using your new skills.


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