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The Delta Volume feature is used for identifying Buying and Selling imbalances in the order flow. It uses the Auto Mode algorithm to monitor the Volume Delta for extremes in Selling and Buying pressure (as opposed to accumulated total volume). When toggled to Delta Volume (1) – Auto Volume, and Volume in Time modes will [...]

In future posts we will be hearing from Michael Barrett who continued long into his Prop Trading career, winding up as head mentor for new traders at a major prop firm in Sydney, alongside a profitable trading career of nearly a decade. Before we go there, here are takeaways from the original interview we did [...]

Automated trading and you

In closing we discuss how to move forward from the Prop Trading drills and automated trading. The exercises completed so far should help you grasp probabilities in trading and in determining the outcome of individual trades i.e. you don’t know which trades will be your winners and losers. You can also scale this understanding to [...]

In a world of auto spread trading (auto-spreaders), systematic arbitrage and automated market making, nearly all markets are being traded against each other in one way or another. For discretionary traders, the sooner you can broaden your market perspective to consider the price action and order flow trading across asset classes (related markets) the better [...]

Mark Douglas in the renowned trading psychology book ‘Trading In The Zone’ treated a broad range of trading issues with a simple systematic trading exercise. In his Path to Consistency Workshop, he discusses the details of the systematic trading exercise and the purpose behind it. While trading psychology is like going down the rabbit hole [...]