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  In this trading exercise, for just one or two trading session try and LOSE as many ticks as possible based on short term order flow and price swings (and not just crossing the inside market spread). You might surprise yourself and find that your win to loss ratio plateaus at some point. This will [...]

The goal of this trading drill is to be flexible in your market bias and to make the most of current trading conditions under pressure. You will need a timer and a coin and the same setup as in Exercise #1, which is one DOM with just the Bid and Offer depth listed, and trades accumulating [...]

Trading naked is a benchmark trading exercise that you can look back on to see how your entries and exits improve as you progress through the exercises, gain experience, and learn from your mistakes. Have just a single DOM window open for your chosen market with only the market depth bids and offers displayed, and use [...]

Prop trader preparation

You will need a trading platform that contains a Depth of Market (DOM) / Orderbook window for point and click trading. We are going to take all other trading tools out of the equation during the trading exercises. In short, this is because when faced with the uncertainty of using information you see in your [...]