NinjaTrader Traders

PriceSquawk empowers day traders with an audible market perspective. Listen to the time and sales, monitor volume flow over time and accumulation at prices, and observe price action using our digital squawkbox. Professional and retail traders around the world are using PriceSquawk to:

– Efficiently monitor multiple markets simultaneously
– Provide a unique perspective of order flow and price action
– Commentate market events across multiple asset classes
– Provide in depth real-time time and sales analysis
– Improve market focus and responsiveness to key market events

If you trade using Order Book or Time & Sales – PriceSquawk can do the monitoring grunt work for you, allowing you passively monitor the order flow and price action in your markets by listening. This gives you the flexibility to zone into your visual trading tools only when optimum trading conditions are present. This reduces the stress of long hours at the screens, drastically improving your trading performance and eliminating impatient trades.

Chart traders can quickly incorporate an order flow perspective to their trading without having to monitor additional visual tools. This allows you manage entries and exits using order flow events broadcast by Price$quawk which can significantly improve your timing for trading price swings and reversals. Furthermore, Price$quawk volume alerts can be used as confirmation of support and resistance price levels.

You can download and use PriceSquawk now for use with X_Trader Pro, CQG IC, iQFeed or NinjaTrader 7 and 8. PriceSquawk is also built into Jigsaw Trading Tool’s Reconstructed Tape, so with a Jigsaw Trading Tools license you can use PriceSquawk with any of their support trading platforms (OEC / S5, MultiCharts, Tradovate, RTP).