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Graham Glover PictureHi I am Graham. After years of trading education I finally turned to proprietary trading to learn the real approach to day trading, learning how to trade like the pros by reading the DOM, Time and Sales (order flow) and how to manage trade execution logically.PriceSquawk is a result of what was originally developed to help me make sense of the order flow.. through listening to it.

The PriceSquawk  Audible Market Technology goal is to revolutionize modern day trading techniques with the use of audio, and to assist professional and retail traders alike in transitioning to use audio in their trading.

What Our Customers Say

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I’m beginning to find PriceSquawk very useful. I find that as I’m also comparatively new to Jigsaw DOM it helps to have two eyes AND two ears monitoring the order flow, even then it’s not enough sometimes 🙂


I found today was a great example of the usefulness of the Volume in Time on the ZN … It will be so much easier being able to mentally switch off during the quiet times while waiting for volume to come in instead of having to keep an eye on the orderflow. Great product and integration with Jigsaw. Thanks.


CryptoSquawk provides a rich sensory experience that brings my charts alive, calling attention to critical moments & providing fluid, seamless market context, tone & sense of urgency.

Brad McGaughey

While visually watching the market, use of your tool cleverly brings into play another human sense that I’d not previously considered using, that of listening. It’s still early days for me using PriceSquawk, but I’m now finding that listening to my chosen market(s) helps me on an almost subliminal level.

Tom Cooper

Just to let you know i have just subscribed to PriceSquawk. I know you’ve probably been told this before but i’ve got to say… i’ve only been using Pricesquawk on demo for a couple of weeks and im addicted! It’s brilliant! I don’t think i would ever want to trade without it. It really is a very intuitive aid to my trading. Thanks for making such a great tool available Graham.

Mike Thomas
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Product Background

Most professional day traders rely on current trade price and volume information for finding low risk entries based off the order flow. There is an inherent performance edge observing these market components audibly. You will notice that patterns in market behavior are far more obvious, and the order flow and tape much easier to comprehend.

Using sound to represent core market information is a unique and completely overlooked way of enhancing market information processing. Traders get caught up reorganizing market data visually to attempt to understand the present market conditions, when paying closer attention to the actual price and volume action is all that is required. The field of Auditory Neuroscience shows there is a wiring bias between our ears for processing audible information effectively, and we can improve trading performance significantly by utilizing this bias.

Our audio trading products that not only enhance trading performance, but give traders more freedom in their trading plan.  Since evolving from the pits traders are glued to their monitors, scanning their DOMs or Charts in order to not miss any action.  Most people get into day trading because of the freedom they think it will deliver, financially and lifestyle wise, when in reality day trading requires constant attention to the market and long hours glued to the screen.

PriceSquawk gives traders the constant exposure to the market that is necessary through immersion in trading sounds, with added flexibility from the trading monitors.  Traders can then focus their attention effectively when hearing ideal market conditions according to their plan.

This flexibility can drastically cut down on the boredom trades prevalent during low volume days, and decrease the ‘zombie’ moments when markets are printing.

There are many more benefits to listening to the market, especially if you have an ear for music as you probably are better at distinguishing patterns in sound then numbers on a screen.  Give PriceSquawk a trial and find out.

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